Your skin may be showing visible signs of aging. You can spot wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and blackheads. Even with good skincare like staying hydrated, eating enough fruits and vegetables, your skin remains the same. Your skincare efforts don’t yield your desired result. Why not settle for an injectable beauty treatment whose result is instant. While you may be undecided on which beauty spa to get the injectable, our spa has many years of experience. You enjoy personalized care during the treatment.

We offer you a variety of injectable treatments with amazing benefits. They include:

Image of a woman getting a botox procedure


Botox is one of the most popular beauty injectables, which works instantly and has no downtime. It contains chemicals that relax muscles which cause your skin to have wrinkles near the eyes and forehead. Botox helps you treat frown lines around the forehead, lines between the brows and restore skin elasticity. Once injected, you get visible results within three to seven days. Your skin is rejuvenated and assumes a youthful look.

Image of a woman getting a Dysport injection


Dysport is an injectable that helps soften facial wrinkles and frown lines and does not change the movement in your face. Muscle contractions and repeated movements cause fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Once you get the Dysport injection, your muscles relax, and you get a natural-looking skin complexion. Other benefits of Dysport include enhancing facial symmetry, eyebrow reshaping, and preventing wrinkles from deepening over time.

Image of a woman getting an injection into her lips


A dermal filler helps fill lines and wrinkles on your skin. You can use injections or creams which are non-surgical. Once you have injected facial fillers, it reduces wrinkles and deep lines around the face. Other benefits of facial fillers include reshaping and plumping up the lips, cheeks, noses, and filling up scars. Your skin will have an even tone, rejuvenate and assume a youthful look.

Image of a woman getting and injection into her nose


Our spa has Sculptra filler, which is another injectable that uses polu-Lactic-acid to enhance collagen production. To be more effective, you need several treatment sessions between a month or six weeks spaced for best results. It offers you the benefit of increased collagen production, which leads to a more rounded appearance in previously hollow or sunken areas of your face. In addition, the results last for two years.

Image of a woman holding her chin


Kybella removes volume from under the chin fat, which causes jowls and sagging. You need six sessions for best results. Your face will have a narrow look due to the low volume of fat around your chin. You can now smile and enjoy more elastic and youthful skin.

While some injectables offer results within a short period, it’s essential to follow our specialist’s instructions for quality results. If you are undecided on which injectable to use, our team of professionals is happy to help out. Our spa offers safe injections by following the best standards. You, therefore, rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.


Infuse firmness into your natural face with our carefully applied injectables. We offer BOTOX® and Dysport® to gently erase fine lines and wrinkles. We also offer dermal fillers to add fullness to your lips, cheeks, and under-eye areas.

Neurotoxins such as BOTOX® and Dysport® can be used for multiple treatments such as:

  • On the forehead to treat forehead and frown lines
  • Around the eyes to treat crow's feet in addition to providing a brow lift
  • Above the lip which is known as a lip flip
  • On the sides of the nose to treat “bunny lines”
  • In the chin to treat chin dimpling from appearing as an orange peel
  • In the masseters to slim a wide or square jawline and to help with TMJ
  • In the neck to relax platysmal bands

Dermal fillers, which are hyaluronic acid, can be used to add volume, hydration, or lift to your desired area to enhance your appearance. These areas include cheeks, lips, jawline, chin, and under eyes (tear troughs).